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We Automate. You Educate.

Automate the delivery of educational content right into the hands of pet owners. With VetTalk, we help veterinary hospitals educate pet owners so that they continue to reinvest in their pets' healthcare.

What is VetTalk?

VetTalk sends customized educational content to the pet owner in the form of Education Care Plans. Education Care Plans include custom-made educational videos and other forms of educational content that are specifically based on the patient’s treatment plan. VetTalk is a fully automated platform that will run completely on its own after the initial setup.

How does VetTalk work?

Veterinarians and their staff do not have enough time during appointments to properly educate and prepare pet owners about their pets’ upcoming procedures and chronic disorders. To achieve compliance, it is important for the veterinary staff to continue to educate pet owners to show them why they should continue to purchase services, products and how to prepare their pet for procedures. 


VetTalk is not another dashboard you and your staff will not need to manage…VetTalk is integrated directly with your hospital’s practice management software, allowing for the fully automated delivery of Education Care Plans. Educational Care Plans are delivered directly to the pet owner’s phone as a text message based on the patient’s unique needs, such as by service line, diagnosis, pre/post-procedure requirements, and more. Combine with outbound communications like text and email, these automated workflows are triggered by patient’s treatment plan.




Save Staff Time

Burnt out. Understaffed. We are giving you and your staff back more time to do what your practice needs.

Educate & Prepare Pet Owners

Educate and prepare pet owners for upcoming procedures or about their pet's disorder.

Build Client Relationships

Engage with your clients and keep them coming back to you.

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VetTalk is partnered with SyncVet, a VetSuccess® tool

VetTalk uses SyncVet (a Vetsource tool) to provide integration between VetTalk and the different practice management software platforms. SyncVet is a safe and secure integration platform that allows your practice management software data to sync with VetTalk. Since 2011, VetSuccess® is an industry-leading analytics expert that make sense of veterinary practice data and turns it into usable information.