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We Automate. You Educate.

Automate the delivery of educational content right into the hands of pet owners. With VetTalk, we help veterinary hospitals educate pet owners so that they continue to reinvest in their pets' healthcare.

What is an Education Care Plan?

Education Care Plans consist of custom branded videos and PDFs to provide relevant content directly to pet owners. Each Care Plan is sent as an SMS text and can be accessed on a phone without the need of a third party application.


Care Plans are fully automated and can be triggered to be sent pre or post visit to help pet owners prepare for surgery or help understand their pets diagnosis.

What can VetTalk do for your veterinary hospital?

  1. 1. Increase compliance by providing pet owners better understanding of their pets diagnosis.
  2. 2. Decrease workload by digitizing your practice and automating the delivery of handouts.
  3. 3. Drive ROI through increased pet owner engagement.

What are pet owners saying about their care plans?

“Dr. Lerma, thank you for sharing this informative video. I am truly blessed to have you as our trusted veterinarian. THANK YOU!!!”


  • “Hi Dr. Lyons!! I will make an appointment in January to prepare Scarlett Rose for a dental cleaning. I do like to have her annual bloodwork done so we will schedule that also. Thank you for caring so much. I will listen to you.”


  • “Thank you very much.  I’ll watch the video to ensure that I’m keeping them as happy and healthy as possible!  They are the kitties of my heart.”

Save Staff Time

Burnt out. Understaffed. We are giving you and your staff back more time to do what your practice needs.

Educate & Prepare Pet Owners

Educate and prepare pet owners for upcoming procedures or about their pet's disorder.

Build Client Relationships

Engage with your clients and keep them coming back to you.

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