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We Automate. You Save.

VetTalk's technology automates your client callbacks freeing up time for you and your staff.

VetTalk is partnered with SyncVet, a VetSuccess® tool

VetTalk uses SyncVet (a Vetsource tool) to provide integration between VetTalk and the different practice management software platforms. SyncVet is a safe and secure integration platform that allows your practice management software data to sync with VetTalk. Since 2011, VetSuccess® is an industry-leading analytics expert that make sense of veterinary practice data and turns it into usable information.

What is VetTalk?

VetTalk automates your client callbacks by sending customized text messages and emails directly to your clients. We know your teams are busy and we are here to help.

Saving Starts with Automation

Calling back clients. Leaving voicemails. Calling and not hearing any response from clients. These are all very time consuming. Callbacks are vital, but current methods are not efficient and increase overhead costs.


VetTalk’s innovative technology will be able to automate the client communication process, by sending automated text messages and emails to clients. VetTalk’s technology analyzes the data in your practice management software and sends messages with specific follow up questions that are related to the services or medications prescribed to the patient.

Ensure the Patient is Following the Treatment Plan

According to research, the majority of pet owners who are new to a veterinary practice expect to receive post-appointment follow-up. Of those who expected to hear from the veterinary team after an acute or sick visit, 63% of clients agreed that a follow-up should take place within 24 hours of the office visit* Consistent communication with clients pre and post appointment is vital to ensuring that the treatment plan will be executed as outlined. Enhanced communication will improve adherence and compliance rates.


VetTalk’s innovative technology will be able to automate the client communication process. This enhancement will streamline workloads, create efficiencies and decrease the overall costs within your veterinary clinic.

VetTalk Features

VetTalk offers features for proactive and automated communication to address concerns early and ahead of patient complications.

Save Time & Money

Burnt out. Understaffed. We are giving you and your staff back more time to do what your practice needs.

Improve Patient Compliance

Consistent communication is vital to ensuring the treatment plan is well executed.

Build Client Relationships

Engage with your clients and keep them coming back to you.

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