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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    Pricing is based on the number of veterinarians at your clinic. Reach out to our sales team to discuss the best package for your practice.

  • Do we have to sign a contract?

    No! You can cancel at anytime. We have month to month or annual subscriptions available.

  • Will VetTalk replace our need to callback clients?

    Yes! Your staff does not need to worry about callbacks anymore. VetTalk's technology is a fully automated client follow platform.

  • Do my clients to need to download the app?

    No, VetTalk utilizes SMS and email to communicate directly with your clients.

  • How does VetTalk save time for my practice?

    VetTalk automates the client communication process by sending automated and customized text messages to clients. VetTalk's technology analyzes the data in your clinic’s practice management software and sends a text message with specific follow up questions that relate to the services or medications prescribed to the patient.

  • How does VetTalk save veterinary clinics money?

    VetTalk’s innovative technology will be able to automate the client communication process. Since VetTalk will be removing the daily callback tasks from your staff's plate, it will be able to reduce your veterinary clinic's overhead costs and create efficiencies.

  • Where can I find customer help guides?

    Our Support Team manages a Help Center for new and active customers. You can find all of our customer support videos here.

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