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VetTalk's Data Security Protocols

We’re proud to partner with leaders in veterinary health to improve client engagement and always put pet care first. VetTalk is partnered with SyncVet to provide integrations between VetTalk and different practice management software platforms. SyncVet is a safe and secure integration platform that allows your practice management software data to sync with VetTalk. SyncVet is a data-driven software company located in the heart of the Bluegrass with a deep understanding of data at the practice level and our broad experience in various development languages and frameworks.


Below is some more detailed information on the VetTalk Data Security Protocols:


Encryption (TLS 1.2 or above) is enforced in-transit and at rest when passing from your practice management software, through our integration partner and to the VetTalk software.


When extracting data from your PIMS, we lock the files that are extracted while they are syncing to the VetTalk platform, and they are subsequently removed afterwards so nothing remains available on disk in plain text.


Access to your practice data is isolated to VetTalk, which are authorized for service with your practice.


Data is only accessed by the staff of our integration partner to provide support for services that the practice is using.


If we are notified of services with your practice being canceled, we will disable the agent in our cloud and purge the remaining data that our integration partner was hosting.


We take the protection of your data very seriously. In compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), VetTalk honors California resident’s rights. VetTalk will process your requests to provide what personal data we may have for you or delete your data. We do not sell any personal information. We always want to ensure you’re staying connected and have the latest data sync available.